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Today, there are more than 45 gyms and around 10 yoga centres. Midscale fitness centres dominate the market both in quantity and area occupied: 14,680 sq m, which equals 53% of the market share.

NUMBER OF GYMS, 2013-2019
Source: Colliers, Geostat

As Tbilisi’s marketplace is becoming more crowded, food quality, value for money, service and location are becoming more important to keep consumers coming back

Source: Colliers

The symbiosis between the casino and hospitality industries renders hotels with a gambling venue very lucrative. A turnover of GEL 2,000 million in 2014, and around GEL 13,800 million in 2018, indicates an exponential growth in revenues.

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Georgia has a large number of internationally recognized destinations among the Entertainment industry. The Gambling sector is especially popular among tourists, and it is continuously expanding, along with the increase of the number of hotels in Georgia. However, the recent downfall of the touristic industry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, makes it harder to adequately predict how the trend of this sector will evolve in future.
During the past couple of years, Tbilisi nightclubs and rave culture have been making international headlines and have strengthened the position of Tbilisi and Georgia among must-see destinations for people who enjoy such activities. This sector is expanding, with a variety of clubs offering a more diverse set of music, and festivals that are tailored to a wider audience.
Even though Batumi has a large number of casinos which generate income all year round, other activities in Batumi are mostly limited to the summer season.
Prior to the pandemic, a steady rise in all segments of the entertainment market had been promising a hopeful outlook for the future, with yearly increases in tourist inflow to Georgia. However, with the unexpected hit of the COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of 2020, the future remains uncertain. Hence, it is necessary to wait and see how events unfold towards overcoming the existing international crisis before attempting to predict the prospects of the sector.